Ellsworth Adult & Community Education is closed Monday, January 23, 2023 due to inclement weather. Classes, appointments and tutoring sessions are cancelled. If you have any questions leave a message at 207.664.7110 and we will return your call.
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Volunteer Tutor Workshop

with Murray & Sargent


January 28th, 2023

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This four hour workshop is designed as a follow-up to the Volunteer Orientation and a foundation for additional in-service sessions on specific topics. We will be covering:

  • the principles of adult learning;
  • teaching techniques, strategies and resources;
  • assessment, goal setting and lesson planning;
  • learning challenges, and
  • motivating adult learners to persist
  • roles and responsibilities

Additional follow-up in-service trainings will include techniques and resources for teaching adult learning in the areas of basic reading, basic English language, basic math, digital literacy, HiSET preparation, and additional training as requested by tutors.  This is an in-person workshop.  Bring a brown bag lunch!

Recommended prerequisite:  Ellsworth Adult Education Volunteer Orientation 

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Computer Cafe (Daytime Class)

with Vanessa Richards


January 30th to April 13th, 2023

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This class is a computer lab designed to offer a space for people to access computer support from an experienced teacher, compassionate volunteers and fellow participants. You will be given instruction, as well as support, in accessing information for learning new skills on your own. This is an open enrollment lab and you purchase a punch card for 6 sessions. Punch cards can be renewed. Students enrolled in our academic programs receive a fee waiver for this lab. BYOC (bring your own coffee)!

When you register for this class, you’ll receive a follow-up contact from our advisor to access your skills, goals, and interests.  This is an in-person lab; ongoing enrollment. 


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Yin & Yang Yoga (Feb)

with Christina Krapt


January 30th to February 27th, 2023

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Heal the body, mind & spirit with a balancing flow of both gentle and challenging postures. Get deep into the connective tissue with a restorative stretch as well as get your heart pumping with an invigorating Vinyasa flow that links breath to movement. The goal is to create a state of peace and wellbeing. Class is suitable for all levels of experience.  This is an in-person class.

No class 02/20/23.

After a spiritual awakening in the summer of 2011, Christina was drawn to the yoga studio and to meditation. She enjoyed each class so much that she kept going back to experience different types of yoga and different teachers. She has learned that relating to the teacher plays such a huge role in whether the class is of fulfillment or not.  In 2014, Christina started working and training at CorePower Yoga in San Diego, California where she learned the benefits of Hot Yoga. This inspired her to get certified to teach through the studio, where she received her 200-hour certification in Hot and Vinyasa Flow yoga. Christina was also introduced to Yinki Yoga, a form of Yin or Restorative Yoga with the added benefits of Reiki Healing Energy. She was then inspired to study Reiki and receive certifications in Levels 1, 2 & 3, as well as Yin Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. 

Over the past 12 years she has transformed her practice of yoga into her daily life on and off the mat.  After 20 years of being an all day standing hairdresser and having pain in her physical body, she experienced a huge relief both physically and mentally from her practices. Her passion for yoga has literally changed her life in every way and she desires to share that with others looking to change theirs and to feel better within their bodies. She is very passionate about health and well being and would love to share her knowledge and wisdom with you on the mat!

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Zumba Gold is Bold!

with Lisa Elliot


January 30th to March 6th, 2023

$45 More Info

NOTE:  This is a new location


Zumba Gold is Bold! is designed for all ages - for those new to Zumba, for those who have had an injury, or those who love Zumba, but would like a modified version. Zumba Gold runs for 45 minutes, unlike Zumba that runs for an hour. There is verbal cuing as well as non-verbal cues.  The music is the same great, fun, upbeat music.  You will sweat and you will receive the many benefits of dancing. The only change is the movements will be less stressful on your joints and your body.  It’s a class where you are exercising, but having fun doing it!!  This is an in-person class. 

Makeup class, if needed, 03/13/23.

Lisa Elliot has been a licensed Zumba and Zumba Gold instructor since 2015.  Her specialty is Zumba Gold. She thoroughly enjoys getting to know those that come to her classes and seeing them have fun and getting the health benefits of dancing!

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French – An Introduction

with France Hilbert


January 31st to March 28th, 2023

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This course helps beginners develop basic proficiencies in all four skill areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Class time will be devoted to reading dialogues, pair work, small-and large-group discussions, written and oral practice of structure and vocabulary, and use of internet resources.  We will use the French TAXI curriculum which includes a text and a workbook. Both are very useful and a link to an order site is available in our online catalog. Alternatively, we can send you a pdf of the text.  Throughout the eight weeks students will learn:

  • To greet someone, ask and say your name, identify a person;
  • Approach someone, ask age, address and phone number;
  • Talk about one's tastes;
  • Naming, showing and locating objects;
  • Express possession, indicate colors;
  • Characterize an object, ask for the price, express your tastes;
  • Showing and locating people; and
  • Ask your way, indicate a direction, indicate a means of transport. 

This class is live online class using ZOOM. 

No class 02/21/23.  Makeup class, if needed, 04/04/23.

France Hilbert has taught classes at College of the Atlantic since 2018. She is a professional artist and art educator with an extensive resume of training and experience including major commissions and installations. Her artistic education began at the age of seven, when she was taught by her grandfather, the late artist Jaro Hilbert. From him, she received a thorough education in the classical tradition. She pursued her formal education at the National Fine Art Academy of Paris, France, (ENSBA), was an artist in residence in Copenhagen, studied German Expressionism in Berlin, and traveled extensively to paint and study around Europe and abroad. At the Art Students League of New York, she received a Merit Scholarship to master portraiture in painting and completed a Certificate in Sculpture. She was selected for “Model to Monument”, a sculpture program at The Academy of Art, Newington Cropsey Foundation, Hastings on Hudson, NY and received an Edward G. McDowell Travel Grant from the Art Students League of New York. Of her many public and private commissions, some are permanent installations. “Talma”, a 7-foot bronze sculpture is installed in the public square of the Theatre of the Valley of L’Yerres, in Brunoy, France. A pair of 4-foot bronze relief sculptures entitled ”The Calling” are installed at the Georgetown University Medical School building in Washington, DC.

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Ukulele for Beginners (Feb/Tue)

with Duncan Perry


January 31st to February 21st, 2023

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Join the ukulele revolution! Here’s your chance to find out how to play this wonderfully versatile, go anywhere instrument in our no-stress program for beginners. There are four classes in all, one each week on ZOOM. Bring a ukulele, your sense of humor, some passion for music and curiosity about playing. Once you master the basics, you won't want to stop. Will you be recruited to perform at Carnegie Hall?  Well, not right away. But, as the saying goes, ‘The best player isn’t the person who can pick or strum the most notes. It isn’t the person with the greatest technical skill. It’s the person who can touch the most hearts.’ So grab a uke, you don’t need to read music - sign up, tune up and show up. If you don’t own a ukulele, please contact us for helpful information about buying one. Let your musical journey begin!  This is a live online class using ZOOM.

Duncan Perry, a multi-instrumentalist, has been playing ukulele for 14 years and has so far taught ukulele to over 700 adults up and down the coast of Maine and inland, too.  He regularly performs at benefits, elder care venues, senior programs, and in schools and libraries.  In addition to offering instruction through various adult education programs, he has worked with children in several communities.  His mission is to spread the joy of the ukulele across Maine!

Waiting list available