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Ellsworth Adult Ed Weather/Emergency Cancellation Info


Weather/Emergency Cancellations Protocols and Procedures:

Ellsworth Adult Education staff and faculty want to ensure that all students remain safe in inclement weather. We would love to be able to contact each and every one of you when our classes, meetings and appointments are cancelled, but recognize this isn't always realistic.

I've answered a brief Q & A below...hopefully it will address most questions...if not feel free to email and/or call 207.664.7110 for more information.

--Annie Sargent, Adult Education Director, Ellsworth School District


When are Ellsworth Adult Education classes, meetings and appointments are cancelled?  

Since Ellsworth Adult Education is a department of Ellsworth School District our closures match the closures of Ellsworth Schools.

  1. If Ellsworth schools are cancelled for the day because of weather, adult education daytime and evening classes are cancelled.
  2. If Ellsworth schools have early dismissal then all classes start at 12 noon or later are cancelled.
  3. If Ellsworth after school activities are cancelled all classes starting at 2:30pm or later are cancelled.
  4. If the whether forecast suggests deterioration of conditions during evening hours then classes starting at 4pm or later  will be cancelled.  This decision is made by 2pm.

How can you find out that classes, meetings and appointments are cancelled?

  1. Check the Ellsworth School District website;
  2. Check the Ellsworth Adult Education website;
  3. Check the Ellsworth Adult Education Facebook page;
  4. Look for announcements on WLBZ TV 2 and WABI TV 5 TV  stations;
  5. Subscribe to the WLBS text alert service.  Local TV stations are now offering text alert services for late breaking news, severe weather and school closings.   If you sign up for the text alerts you will find out immediately that schools are closed. Sign up is fast and easy.  For WLBZ go to:  There are other options, too!
  6. Call Ellsworth Adult Education at 664.7110.  If no one answers after 9am, then it's likely that our classes are cancelled.  Certainly if if you try a couple of times, then it's very likely the office is closed.   Our director can often check messages left on the general mailbox and can sometimes return your call remotely. 

When will 'make up' classes be held?

One make up date is posted in the catalog description of each Ellsworth Adult Education enrichment class.   If additional make up dates are required, the dates will be announced at the next class meeting.  If you have questions about make up dates, don't hesitate to contact Ellsworth Adult Education at or 207.664.7110.

If you have questions about the protocols and procedures, don't hesitate to contact us at or 207.664.7110.



Posted by Annie Sargent  on January 24, 2017

Literacy Volunteers come to Hancock County!

Ellsworth Adult Education and Literacy Volunteers of Bangor are pleased to share news of their partnership to deliver individualized literacy support to adults in Hancock County.  Community volunteers are needed to help fill this need.  If you enjoy teaching, coaching, and mentoring adults individually, then learn more about becoming a trained Literacy Volunteer and serving the local need through Ellsworth Adult Education.  For about an hour or two a week, you can help an adult work toward goals like:  a high school diploma, a driver's license, a better job, preparing for college, or reading to their children.

For more information about the local program and tutoring opportunities, please contact Annie Sargent at Ellsworth Adult Education 207.664.7110 or . 

Tutor training certification classes will be offered in both Ellsworth and Bangor this Winter and Spring.  The Hancock County Basic Literacy Training sessions will be held on Thursday mornings, 9am-12pm  starting with an Orientation on January 26th with four training sessions following.  You can register for this training on our Courses tab.  


Literacy Volunteers of Bangor will provideTevening sessions for both Basic Literacy and English Language Literacy will take place in Bangor starting in March.   For more information, go to .   Once you complete this training ongoing support will be provided locally.  


Posted by Annie Sargent  on December 23, 2016 | Read more in: News

Ellsworth Spring 2017 CNA Class scheduled

Ellsworth Adult Education's Spring Certified Nursing Assistant program is scheduled to start the second week in April and run through June 22, 2017.   The program is an intensive daytime program. Classes will meet on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 8:30am-4:00pm.  For more information attend one of our CNA information sessions scheduled daytime and evening hours this winter.   

You can register on the courses tab of our website.  A full list of information sessions will be uploaded to the website by Friday, December 23, 2016.  If you are unable to attend the sessions individual meetings can be scheduled as time permits.



Posted by Annie Sargent  on July 8, 2016 | Read more in: News


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